ChrisMaccielloMedical Student, Case Western Reserve University

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I am currently an adviser to the Center for the high throughput drug screen using Brugia malayi adult worms. While at the Center, I had developed an automated phenotypic scoring method using video recordings of worm movements to assess worm viability. I am also currently investigating neglected infectious diseases at Case Western Reserve University, where I am pursuing an MD and PhD.
I have also worked on recombinant expression of a Schistosoma protease that is believed to play a major role in the skin invasion during human infection, with the goal of achieving a crystal structure to be used to guide drug development to prevent invasion.
Previously, I worked in Dr. Dan Fletcher's lab (UC Berkeley) on mobile microscopy projects and telemedicine, including discovery of low cost methods for remote diagnosis of Trachoma in developing countries. I have also authored the free and instructive Opioids iPhone application for clinical palliative care, helped engineer the iPhone and iPad at Apple, and Flipboard, an major iPhone and iPad social media application.


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