ThavyLongPost-doctoral fellow, UCSD

Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

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The focus of my research is neglected tropical diseases, in particular development of novel therapeutics for schistosomiasis. My interest in neglected tropical diseases began during PhD studies in the laboratory of Dr. Colette Dissous at the Center of Immunity and Infection in Lille, France. This training gave me a strong background in the S. mansoni parasite model and regulation of the cell cycle. While studying cell cycle regulation by Polo-like kinases I gained expertise in protein kinase structure and developed skills in in vivo inhibition assays and various protein expression systems, including Xenopus oocyte model, mammalian cells and bacteria. As a postdoctoral scholar in Dr. James McKerrow's laboratory I expanded my interest to a number of other proteins, including proteases, kinases and enzymes in the mevalonate pathway. These targets are not only essential for parasite survival but also are involved in host-pathogen interactions. To identify and validate potential vaccine and drug candidates to prevent or treat schistosomiasis, I employ a variety of different techniques, including recombinant protein expression in bacteria and yeast, kinetic assays, crystallization, RNA interference and phenotypic screening.


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